Hello! I’m Alex.

My Good to Be story technically started in 2011, when I became a licensed cosmetologist. But in reality, the story started long before that. The fact is, growing up, I was always the go-to-girl for fashion advice and beauty tips.

Now, as a woman, I know that groups of girlfriends are invaluable. Our friends are where we go for advice, to act as a sounding board, to give us the confidence we need to take that next step, and to pick us up when we stumble. Throughout my life, I’ve learned that while it’s nice to have friends, it’s really good to be a friend.

As an adult and a cosmetologist, I poured my time into my passion for hair, makeup, beauty brands, and brows. As a beauty expert, I learned that so many women wanted to know how to continue their self-care regimens at home. So, in 2011, I launched my YouTube channel and uploaded beauty tips and tricks for my clients. Word got around, and my videos garnered views from women all over the world. During this time, I realized that it was good to be helping women worldwide feel beautiful and supported.

If I was going to be able to continue to reach such a large audience with content that would be truly valuable, I would need a hand. So, in 2015, my former-sales-guy husband, Michael, quit his job and started working with me to build our brand.

Fast-forward to today.

Women across the globe are logging on to social media to make connections, learn about the latest in lifestyle trends, and probably above all else, to see that they are not alone in their journey.

Because even when you have a good group of girlfriends by your side, sometimes you just need to know that you can connect with someone who’s going through exactly what you are going through, at the exact same time. And here’s where I realized that it’s good to be connected to people on social media.

As my knowledge and skills grew, I have been able to incorporate fashion, food, family, travel, and other lifestyle topics into my content. Organically, my YouTube beauty videos have grown into a holistic lifestyle brand, and I love sharing my life with my audience.

Now, my goal is to continue carving out a positive place on the Internet where women can come for inspiration, empowerment, community, and kindness. Because more than anything, it’s good to be a friend.

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