One of the most common questions I have gotten since having Rocco, is “What pump are you using?” I have been using the Spectra S1 pump and really like it so far! I have really enjoyed pumping since it gives me peace of mind knowing how much Rocco is eating. It has been working really well for us thus far. I really like the Spectra pump and love using it with the pumping bras. Those have really been essential because I can use the pump hands free. Another item I have loved using is the Lansinoh ice packs that really help when your milk is coming in. That can be a really painful process so putting these ice packs in your bra really help with the pain during that process. I also ordered a bunch of extra pump parts to make it so I always have one handy. This has helped a lot too. Then, we will use this container for the dishwasher to store all the pump parts which makes the cleaning process so much easier. Additionally, I have been then using the Medela bags to store the milk. Then we put the milk in this plastic tray in our freezer. That system has worked really well for us with Rocco.

Baby Rocco is here and we are over the moon. He is the sweetest little guy and we are so happy with our little family. Julian is loving being a big brother and it is so cute to watch. Over the past couple weeks we have been relying on some essentials! I am rounding up everything below that we have actually been using and loving with Rocco. These have all been truly “essential”.

We have been loving this pack and play. It is so nice we can roll it into whatever room we are in and change him there. Then when he is older the bottom part can be used as a traditional pack and play. It has come in so handy for diaper changes throughout the day.

For baby boy #2, I decided to put together nurses baskets for the staff at the hospital and my doctor’s office. The nurses and staff at both the hospital and doctor’s office have done and do so much to make sure you are safe, comfortable and well taken care of during your experience there. This is one way to say “thank you” for all they do! I filled the baskets with mostly blue items for baby boy. I added snacks for them, hair ties, some beauty goodies, Liquid IV for hydration, dry shampoo, candy, gum, chapstick, things like that! Anything that is helpful for long shifts or after!

This is just a fun way to say “Thank You” to all the hospital staff. I tried to include items that I knew would be helpful on long shifts or ways that they can have a little self care after. To assemble the baskets, I filled the bottom with the “grass” like in Easter Baskets, and then put things like candy on the bottom too, to help prop up the items in the basket. That way a lot of the fun stuff was on more of display and the items were able to be seen better. It was a fun process!

With baby #2 arriving VERY soon. I put together my hospital bag the other night and wanted to share a few of the items that I will be taking with me to the hospital. I remember when I had Julian it was good to have a slip on shoe so I love the ones I found below. I also found this cute mask bag to keep all the masks in that I will use for the hospital. Of course, I had to include my favorite “mama” tie dye robe too! There are also essentials like the Frida Mom postpartum kit, which I have heard great things about! I also included a link to our latest pregnancy update you don’t want to miss, below!

Mama Robe|Mask Case|Slides|Suitcase|Makeup Case|Frida Mom Kit|Revlon Blowdryer|PJS|Robe|Demoplast| Liners |

I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite things lately. Lounge pieces, amazon finds, skincare, haircare. Things that I have been using and loving lately. Some of my favorites are the robe and sweatshirts from the etsy shop BFFs and Babes. I linked everything in the graphics below.

I am 36 weeks now and getting so close to meeting our little guy! We are so excited for him to be here and for Julian to meet him too. I wanted to put together all of the items that I used and loved this pregnancy. Everything is linked below the photos.

Align Legging|Jogger|Nursing Bra|Sports Bra|Shorts|Maternity Tee|

Miranda Frye is where I get all of my everyday jewelry. I love all her pieces because I can mix and match them and they are so versatile! They really look cute for everyday and they instantly make any outfit a little more dressed up. The pieces are all super high quality and last so long. Here are some of my favorite pieces that I wear all the time. Use code ALEX at checkout for a discount on your order. I also made an entire video about all my jewelry styling tips and walk you through all my favorite pieces. You can watch it here or below!

As many of you may know, I love using T3 hair tools. I have been using them for years and love that they are always coming out with new products. I recently showed some new products and styling videos from T3 on Instagram, you can check out the videos here and here! I use the original T3 blow dryer daily and love how fast it dries my hair. The new product they JUST launched is a hair dryer as well, but it is a nice compact dryer. It is small, but it really does still work so well to dry your hair. I was so impressed with the power in this small blow dryer and how fast my hair dried. This is perfect for daily use, and doesn’t take up nearly as much storage in your cabinets. Check out the dryer here! You will love it!

I recently did a YouTube video on some of my favorite classic winter pieces from Everlane. I love that Everlane is a an ethical and sustainable company. They make so many great pieces that will last a long time, are well made, and classic styles. I also love that a lot of these pieces can be mixed and matched so well. All the colorways are so pretty together. You can shop my favorite items and watch the video below.