The festive cheer of Christmas is often accompanied by a delightful array of decorations that transform our homes into magical winter wonderlands. However, as the season ends and the New Year begins, we’re faced with the task of taking down these decorations and storing them until next Christmas. Organizing Christmas decorations effectively helps in maintaining their longevity, makes setting up for next Christmas easier, and keeps your home clutter-free. In this blog post, I’ve linked some of my favorite decor organizers!

Decoration Organization

Storage Solutions for Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are a crucial part of festive decorations. They bring a sparkle to our homes, but storing them can be a hassle. One of the best ways to store Christmas lights is by wrapping them around cardboard or paper rolls and securing them with tape. This method ensures that the lights remain untangled, and you can easily pull out just the length you need for next year’s decorating.

Alternatively, investing in storage reels or bags designed specifically for Christmas lights can also make organization easier. These allow you to wind the lights around them, keeping them neat and protected from damage.

Organizing Ornaments

Ornaments are delicate and need to be handled with care when storing. One way to do this is by using plastic or cardboard dividers in storage boxes. These separators keep the ornaments from bumping into each other, preventing breakage and keeping them organized.

For those who have a large collection of ornaments, investing in an ornament storage box can be useful. These boxes come with multiple compartments and layers, making it easy to store and access many ornaments.

Christmas Tree Storage

Storing an artificial Christmas tree can take up a lot of space. One solution is storing the tree in its original box if you still have it. If not, investing in a specialized Christmas tree storage bag or box can make organization easier and keep your tree protected from dust and damage. If your original box is wearing thin or you’re looking for an upgrade, I’ve found a fantastic Christmas tree storage bag that’s durable, spacious, and easy to use. This Christmas tree storage bag is an excellent investment to keep your tree safe from dust and damage, making the post-Christmas cleanup a breeze. Its sturdy construction and significant capacity make it a must-have for any Christmas decoration organization arsenal. Check it out!

Wreath Organization

Wreaths are another holiday decoration that need special attention while storing as they can easily get crushed or tangled. It’s best to store wreaths in a hard plastic wreath storage container that can protect against dust, dampness, and accidental crushing. If you have limited storage space or many wreaths, a handy solution could be a hanging storage bag. It helps keep the shape of the wreath intact while utilizing vertical storage space.

Happy Holidays

As we draw the curtain on this season’s festivities, I hope you all have an incredible holiday season, filled with joy, warmth, and cherished moments with your loved ones. I trust that you found this blog helpful in easing the post-holiday cleanup and preparing for a fresh start in the new year. Remember, proper organization and storage can extend the life of your favorite holiday decorations, ensuring they continue to bring joy for many years to come. Here’s to welcoming the new year with open arms and hearts full of hope!

We are so excited to show you our latest venture, our new rental property here in Nashville, TN – Good to Be Home Nashville. We love Nashville and thought it would be amazing to have a rental property here for visitors to stay. It has been so fun designing this space to be a warm and welcoming place for our guests. The property is four bedrooms and sleeps 12 people, so it is perfect for families, bachelor/bachelorette parties, friend trips, or extended stays. We hope you enjoy this tour of Good To Be Home! You can book a stay here! Watch our youtube video here!

Living Spaces

The living room definitely has modern design features but it but the colors and accents make it warm and inviting. The couch in the living room also pulls out to a bed for even more sleeping space. This room sits beautifully off of the kitchen and we love the flow of the green throughout this main area of the property.

The Bedrooms…

The property has 4 bedrooms, the first being on the lower level. We outfitted this room with a daybed that pulls out to a trundle bed. That way, it leaves the room quite open and also makes a great office space. The next level has another bedroom off the kitchen with a queen bed. This room has such a light and natural vibe to it and will be a perfect retreat during travels. The master bedroom is on the third floor and I love how this room turned out. Crisp whites, touches of black accents, jute and a fiddle leaf fig to liven the room up. Down the hall is the last bedroom. This is another queen bedroom and has a modern rustic theme- the cowboy hat art is one of my favorite touches.

Bed| Blanket – Brooklinen similar here| Duvet | Nightstand| Lamp- at home- similar here| Rug| Art| Curtain|
Bed- similar here | Nightstand- similar here| Rug| Lamps| Dresser-similar here| Pillow | Mirror | Tree | Curtain| Sign- Local Nashville Store

Upper Level Social Space

The last level of the property is such a fun space. This space was designed to be the hangout space for guest, a great area to gather, play games, put a record on, or enjoy a cocktail. Off of this room we have a patio outfitted with furniture and perfect for happy hour on a beautiful Nashville evening. Another favorite part of the room is that we have a cute photo wall for pictures with your friends or family! We hope you enjoy all the fun details of this space as much as we do.

Couch- Similar here | Pillows| Side table| Rug| Pillows- At Home| Lamps- Finnish design shop- similar here| Table | Art – Society 6| Light and similar | Round Side table | Chairs | Tree and Pot|

Check out more here!

My front porch got a holiday makeover! I think even just putting little trees on the porch, garland, or a nice wreath can give your porch a little holiday spirit. I love that even simple pieces can make a big difference. This year we opted to do some garland, a wreath and some little flocked trees. I got all of it from Bed Bath and Beyond – and it was amazing that I could use their curbside pickup for all of it so I didn’t have to go in the store!

The Holiday season is upon us! I can’t believe that it is already November! I always get a pretty early start to shopping and I was so excited to get started this year. I really wanted to go all out this year since last year we didn’t have all of our current furniture since we had just moved in a few months prior. Here’s some of the inspiration for our family room tree this year! Can’t wait to show you the finished product. Check out my past holiday videos on my channel to see how I’ve decorated in the past!

Julian’s room tour is here! This was a fun space to design and we wanted it to be fun, functional, and perfect for him! He loves playing with Mickey in his teepee or playing with all his cars on the racetrack. I love the details in the room like these large baskets to store all his toys when he’s not playing and his acrylic shelving. Take a look at the full room tour below!

Take a Look Inside…

We love these cute little car pictures on Julian’s walls! They are cute for now and when he gets a little older. Same with is awesome “JM” on the wall. It is nice to have transitional pieces that will last him a while as he grows.

Our home office is a fun space in our house! It is where I will come to work on Good To Be, content planning for YouTube, and where I do a lot of my try ons for Instagram stories. It is nice to have a place designated just for work. It is a little less traditional than a lot of home offices but I love the feel of the space. Check out the full tour below!

Take a Look Inside…

The design in the office is very simple, clean but warm! I think the faux fur details really give the office a cozier feel. I also LOVE these chairs– and so does Colbie obviously! He could sit in these chairs all day long. They are seriously so comfortable. I also think that this faux olive tree brings some nice color to an otherwise neutral space.

As the third segment of our home tour, we are sharing our master bedroom tour! Our master bedroom turned out exactly how we wanted it to with Clare Kennedy our designer. We wanted the space to be bright and airy but also still feel cozy and warm. I think she achieved this look perfectly. The mixture of texture and warm neutrals really brought the whole space together.

The bedroom is our little sanctuary. It is so cozy and warm yet looks so fresh and light. All the neutral tones bring a nice calm to the space that we really love. Again, some of my favorite features are the lighting fixtures. The two hanging light fixtures by the bed are amazing and so different than a lot that I have seen. So, we really like that to bring some warmth to the look of the room. Our overhead light is also a main focal point of the room, but we love that it also blends so nicely with everything else as to not detract from the space. Overall, it is such a cohesive space!

The Details…

This side of the bedroom is so beautiful with all the natural light from our windows! We love how it looks out to the backyard and gives a pretty view of all the trees. A feature throughout the entire house that we really love are the floor to ceiling curtains. Ours were made custom by Loom Decor, linked here and we have the same ones throughout the house. They really make the whole house flow and really adds something to each room.

Tree (similar) or (pot and tree bundle)|Dresser|Rug is Nashville Rug Gallery (similar and similar)|Curtains|Bowl|Light (similar here)|

I hope you enjoyed this tour through our master bedroom! This is one of our favorite rooms and we really love the way everything turned out, thanks to Clare Kennedy!

Fall decor is always so beautiful. I feel like by the end of August, I am really itching to get the fall decor out! Here in Nashville, the temps are still pretty high for a while, but it is just so fun to see a new season coming. Fall is a great way to get some fresh pieces and colors for my home. I found a lot of things from Target (of course) and also H&M so they are all at amazing price points too! We also recently went to the farmers market here and got some cute pumpkins for our porch as well as some mums! The pumpkins were adorable because they were all pastel colors. We decorated our porch with them as soon as we got home! Julian thought the pumpkins were pretty cool too!