Father’s Day Gift Guide

By Alexandrea Garza
 June 11, 2020    |     

Father’s Day is right around the corner so I put together this Father’s Day Gift Guide with items from Amazon! It has so many different items from a lot of different categories! I hope this Father’s Day Gift Guide helps you find something special for your dad!

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  1. Heated Mug– Who likes their coffee getting cold? This mug is great for busy mornings and will keep his coffee nice and warm while getting ready for the day!
  2. Beer Glass– These glasses are so cool! You can keep them in the freezer but they have a nice wrap around the glass to keep his hand warm while holding it! Perfect for the beer lover in your life!
  3. Portable Projector– OK-this item is so cool! It is so small and can fit in his pocket- but it will project movies, TV shows, and Netflix anywhere! Perfect for the Netflix obsessed!
  4. Foot Massager– This foot massager is so awesome. Perfect way for him to unwind at the end of a busy day.
  5. Beard Oil – This oil is great for guys with a beard and it smells so good!
  6. Portable Speaker– This speaker is great for anywhere! They can play music while outside, in the garage, working out, or at the beach! The sound quality is amazing!
  7. Phone Charger– This charging station is awesome. It can hold a lot of his electronics and charge them all at once!
  8. Golf Balls– If your Dad or husband is a golfer then golf balls are always a great gift! They are also something that you know he will use!
  9. Air Pods- If he doesn’t already have AirPods then these will be a great gift. Once you have them, you wonder what you ever did before!
  10. Yeti Cooler- Yeti Coolers are an amazing product. They keep everything so so cold. I love that this one is portable and comes with a nice strap.
  11. Picture Frame– Sentimental gifts are always good Father’s Day gifts. This one from Amazon allows you to frame it all from their website!

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