Favorite Hair Products and Tips for Healthier Hair

By Alexandrea Garza
 August 24, 2020    |     

I am super passionate about hair and always changing up my hair style, colors, cuts- everything! In this post, I wanted to lay out all my favorite hair products as well as tips for healthier hair. When you are treating your hair with a lot of heat and coloring it a lot- your hair can easily become damaged, but I have been using the best products from T3 that help to prevent excess heat damage and give me the best curls and styles! T3 has always been my go-to for hair tools, brushes, and more and I am so excited that they just launched their new heat ID line of products.

Lucea ID– This straightener is so amazing. Not only is it so pretty with the white and rose gold, but it is also a “smart” straightener. Through T3’s new heatID system, you can input information regarding your hair type, texture, length, color treatment and it will give you your heatID number. This setting allows you to straighten your hair with less heat damage. How cool right?!

Curl ID– The curl ID is made with the same heatID technology. This curling iron makes the absolute best loose curls. And now, with the heatID you know you won’t be overexposing your hair to heat damage.

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Products I am Loving

  1. The shampoo and conditioner I have been loving lately are Kerastase!
  2. Hair mask– I have been using this hair mask lately and really like it! It helps to remove any build-up of products in my hair and leaves it more refreshed and smooth.
  3. Conditioning Mask– This mask is really nice for the end of the shower, I leave it in for ten minutes. It makes my hair so soft and hydrated.
  4. Damage Repair Protectant – after my hair has dried for around 10 minutes, I will add in this leave-in conditioner/heat protectant before I blow dry. This product is really light weight and protects your hair from heat and damage.
  5. Hair Oil– This hair oil from Ouai is so nice and definitely a favorite. I rub this into my hands and then add it to the ends of my curls for a little shine and moisture.
  6. I really like this hairspray! It is so light but has amazing hold. It works great for the loose curls.
  7. Ouai Dry Shampoo– This is one of my favorite new dry shampoos! It smells amazing and is perfect for in-between washes.

How to Create Loose Curls

  1. First, I split my hair off into sections: top and bottom. You can clip your hair up with these clips– they don’t dent your hair which is so nice while styling.
  2. Then, I will go through my bottom layer of hair with the curl ID iron from T3.
  3. Next, I curl the top layer of my hair.
  4. On the very, very top layer I use the curling iron as a wand, and just wrap the curls around the barrel. This gives the curls a fresh, bouncy, and beachy curl. The variation it adds to the overall look is really nice!
  5. Lastly, I run my fingers through my hair and shake from the root to create volume and spray again to hold everything in place!

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