Happy Hour: Bubly & Vodka Cocktail

By Alexandrea Garza
 June 25, 2020    |     

This drink has been Michael and I’s favorite the past few months. It is SO easy and really good. This one is also super refreshing for summer. I served it in these stemless glasses perfect for cocktails or wine! Make sure to check out the other blog posts with other drink recipes like the Espresso Martini- YUM.

What You Need for Bubly & Vodka Cocktail

Makes 1 drink

  •  1 Can of flavored Bubly sparkling water (or any other brand works too)
  • One shot of vodka!
  • Lime juice

The How To’s

  1. First, pour the can of Bubly into your glass
  2. Then, pour your shot of vodka in
  3. Top with a little lime juice
  4. Enjoy!

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