Healthy Reeses Bites

By Alexandrea Garza
 July 1, 2020    |     

I love this recipe for healthy Reeses bites! I got this recipe from my friend Sam! This recipe does not require too many ingredients and is dairy free! This would be a perfect treat to bring with you to someone’s house for July 4th or a summer party. If you want to check out my YouTube channel, I am doing a whole series on summer entertaining there are so many appetizer, drink, and dessert recipes!

Here is What you Need for the Healthy Reese Bites

Dairy free chocolate chips – 2 bags

2 teaspoons Coconut oil

Peanut butter

Vanilla extract

Sea salt flakes

Mini muffin tin (this is the one I use from Williams Sonoma)

The How To’s

  1. Pour into a sauce pan half the bag of the chocolate chips, coconut oil (1-2 teaspoons), and a few drops of vanilla extract.
  2. Next, melt down the mixture and stir it until fully melted on low heat
  3. Pour thin layer or dollop into the bottom of your muffin tin (in each spot)
  4. Freeze this layer for 10-15 minutes
  5. Take it out of the freezer
  6. Now, you take your peanut butter and coconut oil and a little vanilla and melt that down on the stove as well
  7. Then, pour a thin layer of the peanut butter on top of the chocolate layer
  8. Freeze again for 10-15 min
  9. Repeat the chocolate layer once more and add flakey sea salt on top
  10. Freeze for the last time for 10-15 min

And that is it! So easy and so good! I hope you enjoy this recipe!

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