January Favorites

By Alex Garza
 February 4, 2022    |     

January is always one of my favorite months. I just turned 30 on January first, so I felt really motivated this month to form some new rituals, get organized, try new things and start the year on a good note! One of my favorite rituals I started this month was my morning meditation. I start each day, before everyone else wakes up with a cup of coffee, my journals, and my meditation book, Journey to the Heart. I also tried some new products, like my tea kettle and rotated in some old tried and true products like my favorite foundation! Another item new to me, were these wine glasses from Crate & Barrel! They are so pretty and I am loving them so far. I also found these wine wands that are supposed to remove sulfates from wine to help reduce face flush and headaches! All my favorites from January are linked below!

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