Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022

By Alex Garza
 July 14, 2022    |     

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale began this week! This sale will go from now through July 31st. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is a great time to shop for fall pieces and wardrobe staples at a great price. These are the best price points you will see on some of these items all year long. There are also always great deals on some of my favorite beauty brands like Charlotte Tilbury and T3. You will be able to shop the sale on a specific day, depending on your Nordstrom membership level. If you are unsure what your status is, just login in to your Nordstrom account on their website and it will tell you when you are able to start shopping the sale. Card holders are able to shop sooner than public access. Also, on you are able to view all the items in the sale before the day you are able to shop. That way, you can add items to your wishlist and when your day to shop comes, you can just add everything on your wishlist to your cart.

July 6- Icon status Nordstrom members can shop

July 7- Ambassador status members can shop

July 9-Influencer status members can shop

July 15- Sale opens to all shoppers

Below, I put together some of my favorite items from the sale this year and items I already have and love. You can easily add them to your wishlist from the links below!

Some new pieces I got…

Cute fall shoes…

Other Items I have and love…

Items on my wishlist…

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