Nurses Baskets

By Alexandrea Garza
 February 23, 2021    |     

For baby boy #2, I decided to put together nurses baskets for the staff at the hospital and my doctor’s office. The nurses and staff at both the hospital and doctor’s office have done and do so much to make sure you are safe, comfortable and well taken care of during your experience there. This is one way to say “thank you” for all they do! I filled the baskets with mostly blue items for baby boy. I added snacks for them, hair ties, some beauty goodies, Liquid IV for hydration, dry shampoo, candy, gum, chapstick, things like that! Anything that is helpful for long shifts or after!

This is just a fun way to say “Thank You” to all the hospital staff. I tried to include items that I knew would be helpful on long shifts or ways that they can have a little self care after. To assemble the baskets, I filled the bottom with the “grass” like in Easter Baskets, and then put things like candy on the bottom too, to help prop up the items in the basket. That way a lot of the fun stuff was on more of display and the items were able to be seen better. It was a fun process!

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