Pumping Essentials

By Alexandrea Garza
 March 15, 2021    |     

One of the most common questions I have gotten since having Rocco, is “What pump are you using?” I have been using the Spectra S1 pump and really like it so far! I have really enjoyed pumping since it gives me peace of mind knowing how much Rocco is eating. It has been working really well for us thus far. I really like the Spectra pump and love using it with the pumping bras. Those have really been essential because I can use the pump hands free. Another item I have loved using is the Lansinoh ice packs that really help when your milk is coming in. That can be a really painful process so putting these ice packs in your bra really help with the pain during that process. I also ordered a bunch of extra pump parts to make it so I always have one handy. This has helped a lot too. Then, we will use this container for the dishwasher to store all the pump parts which makes the cleaning process so much easier. Additionally, I have been then using the Medela bags to store the milk. Then we put the milk in this plastic tray in our freezer. That system has worked really well for us with Rocco.

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