Salted Caramel Martini

By Alex Garza
 October 5, 2021    |     

Now that it is October, all the fall vibes are in the air! There are so many tasty fall recipes, cute decorations, and fun trends to try this time of year. I thought I would share an amazing cocktail recipe for a girls night, Halloween party, or Thanksgiving Weekend. This recipe is pretty easy to make and you can make it however strong you want. Enjoy this sweet salted caramel martini recipe!

Here is What you Need for the Salted Caramel Martini

Martini glass (linked here)

Caramel garnish (linked here)

Salted caramel sauce (linked here)

1 shot (or to taste) Vodka (can use vanilla vodka or regular)

2 shots Bailey’s

2 shots Nutpods (can use original or caramel)

Sea salt for garnish(linked here)

The How To’s

  1. First, you will drizzle salted caramel sauce in the glass
  2. Add salted caramel around the rim as well and sprinkle sea salt on the rim
  3. Add liquid ingredients and ice to a cup with a lid and shake
  4. Pour into your glass
  5. Garnish with a salted caramel
  6. Enjoy!

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