Morning Fruit Smoothie Recipe

By Alexandrea Garza
 June 11, 2020    |     

This morning fruit smoothie recipe has become a part of my routine over the years, and now I ALWAYS start my day with a smoothie for breakfast. Sometimes I will have something like toast or hash browns on the side if I am still a little hungry. But, it is a great way to get in a lot of your fruits and vegetables before the day begins and all in one meal! These are also good for when you are on the go- it makes it easy to drink it as you go on with your day!

For my smoothie, I use the Vitamix Blender. This is a great investment if you are someone who makes smoothies a lot! I can make enough for my whole family at once using this. This is definitely one of my kitchen essentials- you can check out my post of all my kitchen essentials here!

How I Make My Morning Fruit Smoothie

Step One

I will add a little bit of coconut water and then the rest just regular water. This makes it less creamy than if you add milk.

Step Two

I will add some frozen blueberries and a frozen packet of dragon fruit from Pitaya Plant Power. Then I will add in some pineapple and lastly, I will add in a banana usually. Smoothies are fun because you can really mix up what fruit you are putting into it and can come up with some great combinations!

Step Three

You will add in your greens! I usually use kale. I will add in a handful or two of frozen kale. Then, I put in a spoonful of the Amazing Grass Superfood powder and a little bit of Spirulina. I top it off with a little bit of ginger and lemon.

Step Four

I will put it in these plastic cups I got from Amazon and use my favorite glass straws. I hope you enjoy this summer fruit smoothie recipe as much as I do!

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