Top Amazon Kitchen Essentials You Need

By Alexandrea Garza
 May 5, 2020    |      ,

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I think we can all agree that Amazon is pretty addicting- there are so many cool items that have really changed the game for me in the kitchen! You can watch the whole video here but I am going to take a dive into each product below! These things are truly kitchen essentials! Take a look below at all my top amazon kitchen favorites!

Amazon Kitchen Essentials Breakdown

Food Processor- I use this food processor  all the time for so many different recipes. It is perfect for quickly making sauces, dressings, protein balls, and even on an adventurous day-vegan parmesan cheese! It is also at a great price point! You can even put it in the dishwasher.

Tea Kettle- This tea kettle is so useful for daily use. It is electric so it heats up so quick- usually seconds! Also around $20- can’t beat it. 

Blender: The blender is so powerful and it really gets out the smoothie chunks and makes it so so smooth! 

Diffuser: It is also great to keep a diffuser in your kitchen. It is so nice to have different blends diffusing throughout the day!

Speaker- The bluetooth speaker is something that usually stays in our kitchen, but is so nice to play music while we are cooking or hanging out in the kitchen or outside too!

Medical Medium: This book has so many great tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t Worry There’s More

Bowls: These bowls come in a set from really small to large bowls and super afforda-bowl. 

Cheese Grater: This cheese grater is another essential- really easy to use and helpful for so many recipes. 

Measuring Cups: Measuring cups are a classic item you need in your kitchen! They come with several sizes. 

Storage Bags: These bags are reusable and washable- so convenient for leftovers or ingredients. 

Nut Bag: Nut bags are what I use to make my coconut milk!

Storage Containers: These Containers are another great way to store leftovers – I love the snap on lids and I have had them for years!

Clear Cereal Container: These cereal organizing containers are great for storing cereal and keeping them fresh! 

Tea Organizer: My tea organizer looks so cute and I love that it is see through!

Some of My Most Requested Essentials

Water container: This water carafe is great for filtered water- and perfect for presenting water on the counter or with guests.

Coffee Mug:  These coffee mugs are amazing and I use them daily! They are one of my most frequently asked questions!

Latte Mug: The latte mugs are also a great kitchen essential I use every day and are a little wider than the coffee mugs.

Espresso Mug: The mugs I use for espresso! They are the perfect size and fit two shots of espresso. 

Glass Jar: The glass jars are great for storing juices! I pre-make the juice and store them in these for daily use. They are 16 oz.

Larger Glass Jars: The jugs are great for storing coconut milk- but you can use them for a lot of different things as well!

Glass Straws: Glass straws are a great every day item. I use mine all the time. They also come with a straw cleaner!

Clear Cookie Jar: Who doesn’t need a cookie jar in their kitchen? This one looks great on the countertop too and you can even put more than just cookies in here-or use it as storage!

Baskets: These baskets are so cute and functional. They are a great way to store some kitchen items in your pantry while still looking cute!

Knife Block: Another countertop essential is this knife block !

Some New Products I LOVE

Drawer Organizer: Drawer organizers are a must have item for your kitchen. This one is bamboo and I love the way it elevates the drawers. 

Sifter: The sifter or strainer is great for green juice/celery juice! It takes out all the unwanted pieces!

Lemon Squeezer: Lemon squeezers are great for so many recipes. Once you use one, you will wonder what you ever did before! 

Salad Sheers: Another time saver and kitchen hack is to use scissors to cut your salad! These ones are amazing!!

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