My Summer Morning Skincare Routine

By Alexandrea Garza
 June 11, 2020    |     

I have been diligent about a nighttime and morning skincare routine for a while now. I think it is really important to stay consistent with morning and night skin care. It really helps with acne and anti-aging and just keeping your skin in good overall condition. It also helps me to feel refreshed and awake in the morning! I also love this waffle robe! I put it on first thing in the morning while I do my morning routine! Here is everything I do in my summer morning skincare routine

Step One

I start off using the IS Clinical cleansing complex. It is a really great basic cleanser. I will cleanse my face and then pat it dry with a towel. This is an important step in your morning skincare routine. Cleansing in the morning is just as important as at night.

Step Two

If I am having any breakouts (especially from wearing a mask in public now), I will use this Differin Acne gel on any spots that I have. It works really well too help my acne heal and prevent it from becoming a problem.

Step Three

I apply my serums! I like to do something really hydrating in the morning, so first up I always do a vitamin C serum. My favorite is the SkinCeuticals CE E Ferulic. You know I’ve  been using this for years and this is probably my 20th bottle (for real). It’s just an amazing vitamin C serum to keep your skin looking bright and even help a little bit with dark spots etc.

I then apply my Glowbiotics Acne Serum all over my face. Next up, is the TNS Essential Serum, another favorite of mine for anti-aging. All of these serums I have used for a while, I just mix up which ones I use sometimes.

Step Four

I apply my moisturizer. This one I am using right now is by Epionce. It is really nice and lightweight. I change up my moisturizer a lot as there are so many amazing products out there!

Step Five

Lastly, I apply a tinted moisturizer or SPF. My go-to is usually the IT Cosmetics CC cream for a more full coverage but still is lightweight. I use it in shade medium tan. Stay tuned for updates to my skincare routine! You can also check out my full self care routine over on this post!

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