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By Alexandrea Garza
 May 5, 2020    |      ,

My Favorite Routines and Products for Self Care

With everyone spending more time at home lately, I wanted to share some of my favorite products for DIY self care routines . From makeup to nails there are so many alternatives to going to a salon. Self care is so important not only to your physical, but mental health. These things will hopefully make you feel better inside and out. I have a whole youtube video highlighting these routines too, so you can check that out here or below!

Nail Products for at Home Self Care

I think it is always a good idea to have a nail routine! It’s a treat to get your nails done but it definitely saves time and money to do them at home sometimes too! I love the NailsInc. Nail Kale as a base coat. It really helps strengthen your natural nails. Then I use the Deborah Lippmann top coat which helps your manicure last a lot longer and gives it shine! Some of my favorite nail colors are Hue is the Artist by OPI and Cajun Shrimp by OPI

Skincare Routine for at Home Self Care

I think we can all agree it is so important to maintain a good skincare routine. Keeping up with it every day not only helps your skin but also just makes you feel good and fresh. It is a great way to start and end every day. One of the things you can do that is SO easy to maintain your skin (especially in-between salon appointments) is face shaving. I use tinkle razors (straight blade razors) to help remove the peach fuzz and dead skin on the surface layer of my skin. This not only helps makeup set better on your skin, but it helps all your skincare serums and oils soak in as well! Also, I have never had an issue with hair growing back darker-which is an added bonus!

I like to do a weekly facial as a treat to myself and for some me-time! I love the Dr. Jart sheet masks from Sephora, they are so nice and have a lot of different options for brightening, tightening, aging and hydrating, so I try and use those once a week. Try using a jade roller on top of the mask while it sits! I also love doing a combination of the Sunday Riley sulfur mask (in the t-zone) and the Tatcha Radiant C mask (everywhere else) it will make your skin so soft and clear! Lastly, I use the Alpha Beta Peel wipes 2-3 times a week. These are amazing and really help with evening out your face tones and texture. Lastly, I love using some gel eye patches first thing in the morning to reduce puffiness around my eyes- and they wake you up (try keeping them in the refrigerator).

Simple Daily Makeup Routine to Feel Good

I haven’t been wearing a ton of makeup lately, but I have a few favorite products for a light makeup look that make me feel a little more put together. I love a nice tinted moisturizer that really helps even out my skin tone without looking too heavy. Also brows are a great way to look more put together easily! My favorite go-to product is the Gimme Brow by Benefit it is perfect for giving your brows a light and fluffy look. Lastly, I top off my look with a tinted lip balm like this one from YSL Beauty! 

Body Care Routine

One of the things I have always done in my self care routine is body exfoliation. This is an important step of beauty routines that can sometimes get left out! I use my Eco Tools exfoliating brush and massage my arms and legs with it before shaving. This also acts as a massage and helps with lymphatic drainage (which is SO GOOD for you). I use the Gillette disposable razors for daily use – make sure it is fresh! Another added step to my body care routine is this Necessaire body exfoliator for in the shower. I use it 1-2 times a week. It is perfect for keeping your skin even and bump free and smells amazing!

Self Tanning Routine that is Easy to Maintain

My absolute favorite self tanner is the Tan Luxe Gradual for my body. I have been using this for years and it is so easy to apply. Unlike other self tanners, you do not need to use a mitt or applicator and it doesn’t stain either! After a couple uses you will see a very nice natural tan. For my face, I use the Tan Luxe Face Drops. I add a few of these to my moisturizer at night and wake up to a gorgeous glow in the morning!

BONUS TIP: If your roots are starting to show and you can’t get to a salon- L’Oreal makes a great root spray that is waterproof and works so well. You can also use it on your hairline to even it out where there may be gaps! 

Products I am Loving for Self Care Routines

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