What Beach Day Essentials I Love

One of our favorite activities to do as a family, is going to the beach. We spend a lot of time in Florida especially in the winter and it is so fun to make memories playing in the sand and going in the ocean with Julian. I love that there are so many beach day essentials on Amazon that make going to the beach a lot easier (as we know that can be tricky with young children) or even adults! There are a lot of things to pack and remember to bring for a full day at the beach. I wanted to round up some of my favorite beach day essentials from Amazon that we use all the time and hopefully you can find some here that you will love too.

My Top Three Beach Day Essentials

  • Reclining beach chair
  • A Beach wagon
  • Beach tent

My Beach Day Essential Breakdown

Wagon- This beach wagon from Amazon is a perfect beach day essential. Especially with kids it helps to keep all of the toys, the cooler, sunscreen, clothes, shoes, food, all in one place. Also, it easily pulls through the sand. That way you don’t have to fuss with carrying a ton of bags and you can just put everything in the wagon from the car and pull it to the sand right to your spot on the beach. I’m telling you, it is a major life saver and definitely a beach day essential.  

Reclining Beach ChairThis beach chair is my absolute favorite. They are perfect for sunbathing, reading, and just relaxing! I love how the chair reclines back to several different levels so you can be comfortable! Additionally, it has a head rest!

Beach Tent- Our beach tent is a beach day essential for sure! Having some shade while you are at the beach is definitely needed. Especially with babies, toddlers or children, it is super important that they have somewhere to stay out of the sun. It is also the perfect place to have lunch. If that didn’t convince you, these tents are easy to put up too!

There’s More!

Beach Toys – Julian loves playing in the sand at the beach! So, beach toys are definitely a must have product for the beach. Amazon has so many great toys for the sand, but this set has so many included like shovels, buckets, castles, and more and it is a great price!

Beach FanA beach fan is a great essential for long days at the beach. It can easily clip on to your chair, stroller, or wagon and keep the kids cool (and you too)!

Beach Blankets This beach blanket is so large and perfect for under a tent! It is nice to have somewhere to sit that isn’t covered in sand! This one comes in a bag and you can pin it down so it doesn’t blow away.

Cooler- A cooler is definitely a beach essential! Pack up lots of water, fruit, and snacks for the day in this Amazon cooler backpack! I love that you can wear it as a backpack and it can store cold and dry items!

Sunscreen– My go to baby/kid sunscreen is this one! The one I wear on my face is Avene and for body, a great one is the Coola SPF 50 body spray.

Sun Hat– Always make sure to wear a hat at the beach whether it is a baseball cap or a sun hat. Sun damage is so bad for your skin, so start wearing a hat and sunscreen whenever outside. This will prevent fine lines and wrinkles too!

Reclining Chair | Bathing Suit (similar here)
Beach day essentials from amazon
Wagon | Similar Clover Bracelet (not amazon)| Similar Cuff Bracelet (not amazon)

Beach day essentials from amazon
Beach Wagon | Beach Tent
Beach day essentials from amazon
Bathing Suit (similar here) | Shorts (not amazon)

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My Go-to Lunch: Healthy Summer Salad

This healthy summer salad recipe is one of my go-to recipes for lunches. It is so healthy and you can really add whatever you want to make it your own. Additionally, there are so many great ingredients you could try in this salad. It allows you to get in a lot of your daily requirements for proteins, greens and nutrients. I think it is so important to have quick and easy recipes that you can make for lunch. Lunch is usually the busiest time of the day for me so it really helps to have these types of ingredients in your refrigerator that you can grab quick and taste good all together.

So, when I go grocery shopping, I try to keep in mind healthy easy recipes for lunch. Also, as a mom and business owner, my days are extremely busy and having things for meals planned out really helps previous save a lot of time. This healthy summer salad recipe will be a staple for you- I promise!

Here is What I Put in My Summer Salad

  • Mixed greens i.e. arugula, kale, and romaine
  • Sauteed veggies like onions, broccoli and brussels sprouts
  • Diced carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Radishes
  • Hummus
  • Harissa
  • Chopped cherry tomatoes
  • Kalamata Olives
  • Topped with Primal Kitchen Greek dressing
  • Add anything else you like!

I typically will mix all the ingredients together and enjoy!

Summer Salad Recipe you will love
Shop my Bowl here!

We Made a Whipped Coffee Recipe!

Whipped coffee is such a fun treat for the morning and a great way to mix up your coffee routine! You can watch our entire vlog making the fun whipped coffee recipe here! We tried it a few different ways in the video while with my parents. This was a really tasty recipe and pretty easy to do. It seems to work best when you do it one serving at a time. We tried it hand whisking the mixture and with a frother. But there are so many ways you could do it, so have fun with it and make it your own. A tip: the more you stir and whisk, the more thick it will get! It reminds us of coffee flavored ice cream- I know-YUM!

Bracelets are Van Cleef and Cartier-I linked similar options here and here

Here is What You Need To Make Whipped Coffee

Ingredients to Make Whipped Coffee

Now Here’s How to Make the Whipped Coffee Recipe

To start, take the hot water, instant coffee, and sugar and combine them into a bowl.

Now, you’ll use a mixer to combine all the ingredients. You can use either an electric whisker, hand whisker, or even an electric mixer. You will want to continue this for around 5 minutes or until the mixture becomes fluffy and lighter.

Lastly, fill up your coffee cup with your milk of choice and ice, and then scoop out a spoonful or two onto the top of the milk and ice!

We found it tastes best when you mix it up! But definitely take your insta pics before!

Enjoy this sweet treat! We hope you enjoyed this fun whipped coffee recipe!

Kickoff the Summer in style

With summer just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking of outdoor family activities for backyard fun- that the kids (and even you) will enjoy! Spending summertime in the backyard is great way to unplug for a little bit and make memories with the family-no distractions! 

Summer Fun Ideas the Whole Family will Enjoy

  • Outdoor toys
  • Blow up pools
  • Sprinklers and water fun
  • Outdoor movie night

Fun Water Activities the Kids will Love

There are so many awesome kids toys out there! Amazon has so many options that are at great prices. Blow up pools are great for hot days, as well as sprinklers– like this giant blow up dinosaur that Julian LOVES! Bubbles are also great for backyard fun and keeping the little ones entertained! 

Shop them all here!

Outdoor Movie Night for the Family

Another idea for summer backyard fun, is to set up an outdoor movie theater. This portable screen from Amazon is really nice, easy to put up and at an amazing price point. This projector is great for outside as well as it does not need to be plugged in. Bring out some cute popcorn containers, blankets, and pillows, hang some string lights and have a seat on the grass! Or if you’re looking to get some new patio furniture this set is pretty affordable and would be perfect for daytime use and movie viewing parties! This is something fun and different and kids of any age will love it! Even your teenagers will think it is so cool, they will want to invite all their friends to watch movies at your house! Since summer nights in the backyard are limited, make the most of the beautiful weather and enjoy!

Shop everything here!

My Favorite Routines and Products for Self Care

With everyone spending more time at home lately, I wanted to share some of my favorite products for DIY self care routines . From makeup to nails there are so many alternatives to going to a salon. Self care is so important not only to your physical, but mental health. These things will hopefully make you feel better inside and out. I have a whole youtube video highlighting these routines too, so you can check that out here or below!

Nail Products for at Home Self Care

I think it is always a good idea to have a nail routine! It’s a treat to get your nails done but it definitely saves time and money to do them at home sometimes too! I love the NailsInc. Nail Kale as a base coat. It really helps strengthen your natural nails. Then I use the Deborah Lippmann top coat which helps your manicure last a lot longer and gives it shine! Some of my favorite nail colors are Hue is the Artist by OPI and Cajun Shrimp by OPI

Skincare Routine for at Home Self Care

I think we can all agree it is so important to maintain a good skincare routine. Keeping up with it every day not only helps your skin but also just makes you feel good and fresh. It is a great way to start and end every day. One of the things you can do that is SO easy to maintain your skin (especially in-between salon appointments) is face shaving. I use tinkle razors (straight blade razors) to help remove the peach fuzz and dead skin on the surface layer of my skin. This not only helps makeup set better on your skin, but it helps all your skincare serums and oils soak in as well! Also, I have never had an issue with hair growing back darker-which is an added bonus!

I like to do a weekly facial as a treat to myself and for some me-time! I love the Dr. Jart sheet masks from Sephora, they are so nice and have a lot of different options for brightening, tightening, aging and hydrating, so I try and use those once a week. Try using a jade roller on top of the mask while it sits! I also love doing a combination of the Sunday Riley sulfur mask (in the t-zone) and the Tatcha Radiant C mask (everywhere else) it will make your skin so soft and clear! Lastly, I use the Alpha Beta Peel wipes 2-3 times a week. These are amazing and really help with evening out your face tones and texture. Lastly, I love using some gel eye patches first thing in the morning to reduce puffiness around my eyes- and they wake you up (try keeping them in the refrigerator).

Simple Daily Makeup Routine to Feel Good

I haven’t been wearing a ton of makeup lately, but I have a few favorite products for a light makeup look that make me feel a little more put together. I love a nice tinted moisturizer that really helps even out my skin tone without looking too heavy. Also brows are a great way to look more put together easily! My favorite go-to product is the Gimme Brow by Benefit it is perfect for giving your brows a light and fluffy look. Lastly, I top off my look with a tinted lip balm like this one from YSL Beauty! 

Body Care Routine

One of the things I have always done in my self care routine is body exfoliation. This is an important step of beauty routines that can sometimes get left out! I use my Eco Tools exfoliating brush and massage my arms and legs with it before shaving. This also acts as a massage and helps with lymphatic drainage (which is SO GOOD for you). I use the Gillette disposable razors for daily use – make sure it is fresh! Another added step to my body care routine is this Necessaire body exfoliator for in the shower. I use it 1-2 times a week. It is perfect for keeping your skin even and bump free and smells amazing!

Self Tanning Routine that is Easy to Maintain

My absolute favorite self tanner is the Tan Luxe Gradual for my body. I have been using this for years and it is so easy to apply. Unlike other self tanners, you do not need to use a mitt or applicator and it doesn’t stain either! After a couple uses you will see a very nice natural tan. For my face, I use the Tan Luxe Face Drops. I add a few of these to my moisturizer at night and wake up to a gorgeous glow in the morning!

BONUS TIP: If your roots are starting to show and you can’t get to a salon- L’Oreal makes a great root spray that is waterproof and works so well. You can also use it on your hairline to even it out where there may be gaps! 

Products I am Loving for Self Care Routines

My experience with a personal stylist…

I thought it would be so fun to try out hiring a personal stylist for a trip I was going on to Palm Springs! Palm Springs is such an insta-worthy location so I knew I wanted the outfits I brought with me to really match that vibe! It was also an influencer trip, so it was the perfect time to really step out of my comfort zone and try some new styles! I found a virtual stylist on instagram @styledbyflorencia. Her page is amazing and I knew it would fit my personal style as well as offer something new. She offers personal styling, event styling, closet organizing, editorial styling and so much more! To watch the full youtube video of my experience click here!

How using a personal stylists works

  • I gave her information on my schedule for the trip, (i.e. brunches, photoshoots, cocktail hour, dinners) and my Pinterest boards for inspiration.
  • Then she sent back all the outfit ideas laid out to my email, I made any adjustments to any pieces I did/didn’t like.
  • Then she sent me links to all the pieces to purchase!
  • My personal stylist made the entire process so easy, and provided guidance along the way.
  • I was also able to put my personal twist on any of the looks too.

Here’s How the Outfits Turned Out

Shop My Top Amazon Kitchen Essentials

I think we can all agree that Amazon is pretty addicting- there are so many cool items that have really changed the game for me in the kitchen! You can watch the whole video here but I am going to take a dive into each product below! These things are truly kitchen essentials! Take a look below at all my top amazon kitchen favorites!

Amazon Kitchen Essentials Breakdown

Food Processor- I use this food processor  all the time for so many different recipes. It is perfect for quickly making sauces, dressings, protein balls, and even on an adventurous day-vegan parmesan cheese! It is also at a great price point! You can even put it in the dishwasher.

Tea Kettle- This tea kettle is so useful for daily use. It is electric so it heats up so quick- usually seconds! Also around $20- can’t beat it. 

Blender: The blender is so powerful and it really gets out the smoothie chunks and makes it so so smooth! 

Diffuser: It is also great to keep a diffuser in your kitchen. It is so nice to have different blends diffusing throughout the day!

Speaker- The bluetooth speaker is something that usually stays in our kitchen, but is so nice to play music while we are cooking or hanging out in the kitchen or outside too!

Medical Medium: This book has so many great tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t Worry There’s More

Bowls: These bowls come in a set from really small to large bowls and super afforda-bowl. 

Cheese Grater: This cheese grater is another essential- really easy to use and helpful for so many recipes. 

Measuring Cups: Measuring cups are a classic item you need in your kitchen! They come with several sizes. 

Storage Bags: These bags are reusable and washable- so convenient for leftovers or ingredients. 

Nut Bag: Nut bags are what I use to make my coconut milk!

Storage Containers: These Containers are another great way to store leftovers – I love the snap on lids and I have had them for years!

Clear Cereal Container: These cereal organizing containers are great for storing cereal and keeping them fresh! 

Tea Organizer: My tea organizer looks so cute and I love that it is see through!

Some of My Most Requested Essentials

Water container: This water carafe is great for filtered water- and perfect for presenting water on the counter or with guests.

Coffee Mug:  These coffee mugs are amazing and I use them daily! They are one of my most frequently asked questions!

Latte Mug: The latte mugs are also a great kitchen essential I use every day and are a little wider than the coffee mugs.

Espresso Mug: The mugs I use for espresso! They are the perfect size and fit two shots of espresso. 

Glass Jar: The glass jars are great for storing juices! I pre-make the juice and store them in these for daily use. They are 16 oz.

Larger Glass Jars: The jugs are great for storing coconut milk- but you can use them for a lot of different things as well!

Glass Straws: Glass straws are a great every day item. I use mine all the time. They also come with a straw cleaner!

Clear Cookie Jar: Who doesn’t need a cookie jar in their kitchen? This one looks great on the countertop too and you can even put more than just cookies in here-or use it as storage!

Baskets: These baskets are so cute and functional. They are a great way to store some kitchen items in your pantry while still looking cute!

Knife Block: Another countertop essential is this knife block !

Some New Products I LOVE

Drawer Organizer: Drawer organizers are a must have item for your kitchen. This one is bamboo and I love the way it elevates the drawers. 

Sifter: The sifter or strainer is great for green juice/celery juice! It takes out all the unwanted pieces!

Lemon Squeezer: Lemon squeezers are great for so many recipes. Once you use one, you will wonder what you ever did before! 

Salad Sheers: Another time saver and kitchen hack is to use scissors to cut your salad! These ones are amazing!!

A Maui Getaway

Maui has always been a special place to us. We have shared so many great memories together here and we were so happy to be able to go back as a family. Here is a peek into our Maui Vacation-where we stayed, ate, shopped, and explored! Check out my video on all my Maui prep here to see how I got ready for our Hawaii Vacation! Enjoy this full Hawaii Vacation Travel Guide!

Vacation Highlights

  • Where to Stay
  • What to Wear
  • Where to Eat
  • What to Do

Where to Stay

The Grand Wailea is a beautiful property. From the stunning pools, to the rooms with a view, the amazing spa, and the restaurants on property- everything screams “Hawaii” in the most elegant way. We loved eating breakfast outside every morning or stopping for coffee at their on-site coffee shop, Cafe Kula. I’ve linked vlogs from our stay here.

What to Wear

Vacation style is always so fun-and on a Hawaiian vacation it doesn’t get much better. From the bright colors to cute cover-ups and bathing suits it’s always so exciting to dress while on vacation. Breezy dresses are always cool for warm days and nights and easy pieces like jean shorts (my favorites are the Jaden Short) work great for over this green bathing suit or this yellow one! One of my favorite looks to style was this hot pink top and shorts. It was perfect for daily wear and can be styled so many different ways. Makeup is also a fun way to mix things up while on vacay. I did a youtube video on getting glam after a day on the beach here. Fun lip colors and a sleek bun are perfect for instantly looking glam- especially with that nice vacation tan! 

Where to Eat

Maui is filled with so many great restaurants with tons of fresh seafood! There are a few restaurants that are our favorites here:

The Mill House Maui – The setting of this restaurant is at the base of the mountains, with views so stunning you think it popped out of a screen saver. The perfect time to go is before sunset so you can see the beautiful property, set on the Maui Tropical Plantation. Make a reservation for the patio and you will not be disappointed. The food  is amazing too- you simply cannot go wrong here. I wore this slip dress perfect for the evening heat- and so effortlessly glam. 

Duo Steak and Seafood– This restaurant was at the neighboring Four Seasons Resort, and was equal parts elegant and delicious. It was so nice to get dressed up and go out to eat here!

Some more amazing restaurants around the island are:

  1. Mama’s Fish House
  2. Merriman’s Kapalua 
  3. Sansei Sushi 
  4. Fleetwood’s on Front Street 
  5. Kimo’s Front Street 
  6. Choice Acai Bowls 
  7. Mala 
  8. Lahaina Grill
  9. Gerard’s 
  10. Monkeypod Kitchen 
  11. HumuHumu
  12. Gannon’s 
  13. Nick’s Fish Market 
  14. Belle Surf Cafe 
  15. The Paia Fish Market
  16. Paia Inn Cafe 
  17. Acai Bowls at Paia Bowls 
  18. Sip Me Coffee

Where to Explore

Maui has so much to explore on your Hawaiian vacation. There are so many hidden gems that you can find new spots every time you visit. We suggest renting a car so you can explore all the parts of the island (Wailea, Lahaina, Kapalua, Paia, Hana). We loved walking into Lahaina Town and grabbing gelato at Ono Gelato while exploring the cute downtown! 

Hawaii Vacation Travel Guide-Things to Do:

1. Paia Beaches- Ho’okepa beach (you can see sea turtles) 

2. Paia shopping – Sunday’s Hawaii, Nuage Bleu, wings Hawaii are all so cute and some of my favorite stores!

3. Iao valley- very quick scenic view point 

4. Kapalua coastal trail walk 

5. Snorkel or swim in Napili bay 

6. Ironwoods beach – by The Ritz Carlton Kapalua

7. Honolua Bay – A beautiful view from above and good snorkeling too

8. Lahaina town shopping 

9. Walking on front street Lahaina Town

10. Shave ice at Ululanis 

11. Baby Beach – a calm and very family friendly beach

12. Ka’anapali Beach 

13. Big Beach in Kihei

14. Sunset Sail or Snorkel (Trilogy is a great company)

15. Helicopter Ride through the mountains

15. Road to Hana – (must be ok on long winding roads in the car) but it is so stunning

16. Upcountry Maui – Explore thee Lavender farm, Ocean Vodka Distillery, Surfing Goat Dairy and more (upcountry is very beautiful and different and gives great views of the island) 

17. Explore Twin falls (a waterfall that is the very first stop on the road to Hana). 

My go-to healthy green smoothie recipe

This is my all time favorite green smoothie recipe! I make this almost everyday as it is a good way to get all your greens in at once. It’s lightly sweet and a little tart! I found this recipe through HMD by Medical Medium- I just adjust it based on what I have in my refrigerator and what I feel like each day! If you want, you can watch my full IGTV recipe here! Here is what you need to make the healthy green smoothie recipe:


1/2 cup Coconut water (and then the rest regular water (use this as your base)

One small handful spinach
One large heaping handful of kale
One scoop of the green powder.

1/2 of a frozen banana 
1-2 cups of blueberries (or to your liking) 
1/2 cup of cherries (or to your liking)

If you want, you can add in some of these ingredients 
1 thumb of ginger peeled 
1 tbs cilantro 
Squeezed lemon juice (to your liking)


Shop the products in this post

Green powder- This green powder I used is my go-to powder. It has so many amazing things in it that are great for you!

Blender- I love this blender. It really makes my smoothies creamy and smooth!

Glass straws – These are a go-to product for me! I use them for all my smoothies and drinks and they come with a straw cleaner too!

Tie dye shirt- This top has been one of my favorite pieces that I keep reaching for! It is so fun and the perfect weight! For more fun loungewear check out our store Good To Be!

Biker shorts- These shorts have been a go-to pair of shorts this spring! They look so cute with an oversized tee or sweatshirt!